Thursday, September 06, 2012

Music Survey from Amy

I miss doing these daft survey things so I'm doing one now. It's late so I'm hoping I won't over think it too much (HA!)

List 10 random musical artists you like in no specific order. Warning: Do not read the questions below before listing your favourite artists.

1. easyworld
2. Depeche Mode
3. Queen
4. Eels
5. Damien Rice
6. The Killers
7. Muse
8. Alexandre Desplat
9. Carter Burwell
10. Mark Snow

What’s the first song you ever heard by #6?
"Jenny Was a Friend of Mine" in our hire car on vacation in Orlando, my husband bought the CD whilst we were there (at the giant Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney) because it wasn't out in the UK yet or something and he'd heard they were good.

What’s your favorite song by #8?
Jeez - hard much? Possibly "Dragon Flight" as it captures the moment so well, it starts out so dramatically and then really captures that soaring sensation.

What are your favourite lyrics by #5?
"I remember it well
The first time that I saw
Your head around the door'
Cause mine stopped working

I remember it well
There was wet in your hair
I was stood in the stairs
And time stopped moving

I want you here tonight
I want you here
'Cause I can't believe what I found"

What song by #3 makes you the happiest?
"Happiest" is an interesting one here because most of my favourite Queen songs are the sad ones. Probably "Funny How Love Is".

When did you first get into #2?
Well, let's just say that when my mum was pregnant with me, my sister used to play Depeche down her headphones and then put the headphones on her stomach; so I didn't really have much chance to NOT get into them. The sound of "Enjoy the Silence" coming through my bedroom wall is one of my earliest memories.

How did you get into #3?
Pretty much copy and paste from the previous answer! Also sis made me a mix tape of Queen songs when I was very small and got my first tape deck. I still have the tape.

What is your favorite song by #4?
"Woman Driving, Man Sleeping" and "Things the Grandchildren Should Know". I know that's two but I don't care.

Have you seen #9 live? How many times?
Nope, you don't really see composers live all that much.

Favourite album by #7?
Tough choice but I think I'd have to settle with "Black Holes and Revelations"

What’s your favourite song by #1?
Another tough choice but I'm going with "You Were Right", specifically the backing vocals between 4.20 and 4.44 - I simply adore that part of the song. I actually prefer the demo version that I have of the song, possibly because the backing vocals are so much more prominent.

How did you become a fan of #10?
Well obviously I was aware of the music since I started watching the show about 15 years ago, but I really became hyper aware of the music alone in the last few years when my interest in scores began to develop.

How long have you known #9?
About 18 months

Top 5 by #5.
Silent Night
I Remember
Cold Water
Older Chests

Have you ever seen #10 live?
I wish, as I said, composers don't do the "live" thing a whole lot.

Have you ever met #4?
No, but I would dearly love to meet E one day, I loved his autobiography.

What’s your favourite album by #1?
This is Where I Stand

Favourite lyric by #7?
OK Muse are not a band I listen to for the lyrics, I couldn't even think of any off the top of my head, I had to Google. I'm going with "Take a Bow" because I think it's hard to write a song so viciously angry that doesn't just become shouting and noise. Only one other song I can think of achieves it - "Death on Two Legs" by Queen.

What’s #2’s best song?
I'm a huge fan of "In Your Room"

How many times have you seen #2 live?
Three: 2001, 2005 and 2009 - all at Manchester Arena.

Which one of these have you known the longest?
Tie between 2 and 3

Favourite song by #9?
"Bella Reborn": it manages to be ominous then slides into a darker version of "Bella's Lullaby" - which is stunning anyway - then builds to a really frantic climax but somehow stays completely calm. It's brilliant.