Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hey guys,

Thought I'd sign off for Christmas with a couple of pics from our recent trip. First up is the pier at Eadtbourne, I love this one, the colours are great.

And here we are sat on the beach.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

When you have exceedingly poor friends, you realise just how much money you spend that you didn't really have to.

My friend just managed a week of shopping for £2.17 and is still facing eviction and a court summons to pay uni fees.

We just spent over £400 in a shop on one night to buy each other something.

I feel sick with guilt.
Evening all!

Once again it's been a long time since I last updated, haven't been able to get on here for love nor money - odd.

Our annual trip to The South happened this week although it began a day early with a trip to Lincoln to meet Scott's first nephew Will who arrived on Dec 11th. Such a little cutie and he has such thick black hair!

Monday morning we headed out from Scott's parents' house down to Hellingly nr Eastbourne, we trusted ourselves to the SatNav and it decided we needed a tour of Kent en route - well at least I can now say I've seen Tumbridge Wells?!!? Got to the hotel about 4pm so we just drove around the villages for a few hours. We visited Hirstmonceux (sp?) as that's where Scott's aunt and uncle lived when he was a child, he found their old house and some local pubs that he remembered. Then we carried onto Battle to see the field (it looked field-y) and ended up heading back to Eastbourne via St Leonards on Sea. Had lunch at The Mill then went up to Lewes for DMC VI which was excellent as usual - hoping to have some video soon.

Tuesday we woke up late and went to Eastbourne about lunchtime, had lunch at Qualisea then had a wander down to the beach to take some pics and buy some postcards (1 to send, 2 to keep.) Headed back to town and looked around the shops before going to an ice cream parlour opposite the Winter Gardens for a brownie sundae - yum!!!!! Headed out to Lewes again to have a look around - walked the length of Cliffe High St and went to see Gideon Mantell's house as he's a hero of mine. Not even a plaque to see :(

Couldn't find anything we liked to eat so we decided to test out our SatNav's capabilities. We turned it on and asked it to find nearby restaurants. It told us there was a Pizza Hut 7 miles away so we followed it (to Hove in the end) and lo and behold, there was a Pizza Hut!! Got a lovely Cheesey Bites pizza then went back to Lewes for DMC VI night 2 which was even better than the previous night. Spoke to Ford briefly afterwards and I got a hug off him which is always lovely!

Next morning we headed home after toast at the nearby Little Chef, I'd never actually been in a Little Chef before I don't think.

So that was a long and probably boring account of our trip away. I'll sign off now before you fall asleep. xxx

Friday, December 01, 2006

Suprisingly busy week this week. Lots going on between now and roughly the middle of January so lots to do. I have a DIS scrapbooking swap going on, which I'm also hosting, which is due Jan 15th so there's a ton of work needing to be done on that. This week I did all the lyrics boxes - just about 70 more things to go!

I also have an exam due in next Friday on the history of the family and the use of some documents as research material. Quite boring but I'm not too worried, just need to sit down and actually write the answers next week! We submit online so no worries about postal dates, only worry is having to write 900 - 1200 words on that topic!

All the Christmas shopping is done now, just have the enormous job of wrapping the lot! That's gonna take a whole day. Today I've put the tree up and decorated the rest of the room. It took about 5 hours to do as it involved pinning 10 shiny streamer type things to the ceiling, each of which had to be pinned in 3 places. There were also two dangly ceiling things, one of which bonks Scott on the head as he walks downstairs - oops!