Friday, December 01, 2006

Suprisingly busy week this week. Lots going on between now and roughly the middle of January so lots to do. I have a DIS scrapbooking swap going on, which I'm also hosting, which is due Jan 15th so there's a ton of work needing to be done on that. This week I did all the lyrics boxes - just about 70 more things to go!

I also have an exam due in next Friday on the history of the family and the use of some documents as research material. Quite boring but I'm not too worried, just need to sit down and actually write the answers next week! We submit online so no worries about postal dates, only worry is having to write 900 - 1200 words on that topic!

All the Christmas shopping is done now, just have the enormous job of wrapping the lot! That's gonna take a whole day. Today I've put the tree up and decorated the rest of the room. It took about 5 hours to do as it involved pinning 10 shiny streamer type things to the ceiling, each of which had to be pinned in 3 places. There were also two dangly ceiling things, one of which bonks Scott on the head as he walks downstairs - oops!

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