Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hey guys,

Thought I'd sign off for Christmas with a couple of pics from our recent trip. First up is the pier at Eadtbourne, I love this one, the colours are great.

And here we are sat on the beach.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

When you have exceedingly poor friends, you realise just how much money you spend that you didn't really have to.

My friend just managed a week of shopping for £2.17 and is still facing eviction and a court summons to pay uni fees.

We just spent over £400 in a shop on one night to buy each other something.

I feel sick with guilt.
Evening all!

Once again it's been a long time since I last updated, haven't been able to get on here for love nor money - odd.

Our annual trip to The South happened this week although it began a day early with a trip to Lincoln to meet Scott's first nephew Will who arrived on Dec 11th. Such a little cutie and he has such thick black hair!

Monday morning we headed out from Scott's parents' house down to Hellingly nr Eastbourne, we trusted ourselves to the SatNav and it decided we needed a tour of Kent en route - well at least I can now say I've seen Tumbridge Wells?!!? Got to the hotel about 4pm so we just drove around the villages for a few hours. We visited Hirstmonceux (sp?) as that's where Scott's aunt and uncle lived when he was a child, he found their old house and some local pubs that he remembered. Then we carried onto Battle to see the field (it looked field-y) and ended up heading back to Eastbourne via St Leonards on Sea. Had lunch at The Mill then went up to Lewes for DMC VI which was excellent as usual - hoping to have some video soon.

Tuesday we woke up late and went to Eastbourne about lunchtime, had lunch at Qualisea then had a wander down to the beach to take some pics and buy some postcards (1 to send, 2 to keep.) Headed back to town and looked around the shops before going to an ice cream parlour opposite the Winter Gardens for a brownie sundae - yum!!!!! Headed out to Lewes again to have a look around - walked the length of Cliffe High St and went to see Gideon Mantell's house as he's a hero of mine. Not even a plaque to see :(

Couldn't find anything we liked to eat so we decided to test out our SatNav's capabilities. We turned it on and asked it to find nearby restaurants. It told us there was a Pizza Hut 7 miles away so we followed it (to Hove in the end) and lo and behold, there was a Pizza Hut!! Got a lovely Cheesey Bites pizza then went back to Lewes for DMC VI night 2 which was even better than the previous night. Spoke to Ford briefly afterwards and I got a hug off him which is always lovely!

Next morning we headed home after toast at the nearby Little Chef, I'd never actually been in a Little Chef before I don't think.

So that was a long and probably boring account of our trip away. I'll sign off now before you fall asleep. xxx

Friday, December 01, 2006

Suprisingly busy week this week. Lots going on between now and roughly the middle of January so lots to do. I have a DIS scrapbooking swap going on, which I'm also hosting, which is due Jan 15th so there's a ton of work needing to be done on that. This week I did all the lyrics boxes - just about 70 more things to go!

I also have an exam due in next Friday on the history of the family and the use of some documents as research material. Quite boring but I'm not too worried, just need to sit down and actually write the answers next week! We submit online so no worries about postal dates, only worry is having to write 900 - 1200 words on that topic!

All the Christmas shopping is done now, just have the enormous job of wrapping the lot! That's gonna take a whole day. Today I've put the tree up and decorated the rest of the room. It took about 5 hours to do as it involved pinning 10 shiny streamer type things to the ceiling, each of which had to be pinned in 3 places. There were also two dangly ceiling things, one of which bonks Scott on the head as he walks downstairs - oops!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two pictures from Sunday. First is of Scott painting his fish on the nursery wall. He's done a purple stingray (unofficially christened Steve by his dad), I've done Dory from Finding Nemo. I will post up pics when Simon has finished them off.

Second is Lincoln Cathedral as we drove by on Sunday night going home. Edited slightly to remove the reflections caused by the dashboard but otherwise left alone.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I am now on MySpace. Here: Only really got it to keep track of the many unsigned and small artists out there that I like but it could potentially be useful for other things. Check out my friends for cool music.

I've added a section on here under my profile for photos I've taken. I'll try and change it often (that'll last about a month!) Hope you like them anyway.

I got a box from TLC in my monthly kit. I've decided I'm going to cover it in festive papers and use it as a winter/christmas recipe box. I'll try and keep you informed of the progress. So far it's all in my head but I've been making a list of recipes I can put onto cards for it:

Mum's Stew (also handily vegetarian!)
Gingerbread Men
My Chicken Pies
Jellybean Cocktails (a Boxing Day specialty at Diane's house)

Need to think of more but they'll do for now. Perhaps Linda will one day reveal to me the secrets of her yorkshire puddings which seem to send the guys in that family nuts.

Going to Lincoln tomorrow to do a mass visit. We're starting with Roger who gers to see our holiday snaps and have us bully him into coming away with us next year! Then we're off to Linda and Graham's to spend the night. In the morning we'll be hanging around there and then we're all driving to Vikki & Simon's to see the nursery and have one last visit before the baby is born. Should be lovely, the nursery is themed to under the sea and I'm planning on taking a few pics.

Speak to you all next week.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hello, I'm back!

I did kinda disappear there didn't I? Why do I get the distinct feeling that no one noticed? I have reasons for not posting, honest! You see I went to another country, then, when I came home, I suddenly realised that I had two weeks to do two exams that I hadn't actually done any of the course work for, and complete a swap which needed to be mailed to the USA. I did it all though, although I haven't actually received the exam results yet...

I've been practising my photography skills recently and will post up the results at some point. Right now it's late and I need to go to bed so goodnight!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

oooh a van just pulled up and took that abandoned car away. Maybe my email worked? Bit of a coincidence if it wasn't that!
Urgh, not having the best day. I've sent two emails to the council and it's only lunchtime. First one was to report an abandoned car that's been parked opposite the house since we woke up on Monday. Thought at first it belonged to the neighbours but today it's had the front passanger window smashed and when I went to check there's no tax disc. Second one was to report that nuisance dog walker who walks her dog on my front garden every day. Emailed the anti-social behaviour unit to see if there's anything they can do if need be. Feel like such a bossy/nosy neighbour but it needs sorting by someone I guess?

Got some coupons for Florida last night, $1 off cappuccino blasts at Baskin Robbins for mum and $5 off a $40+ purchase at Character Warehouse at the LBV Outlets. Also joined the Premium Outlets VIP club so will keep an eye on the guest lounge there for anything useful. Need to check out Florida Mall and Mall at Millennia too.

Gonna go do some scrapping and put Aladdin on now!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

She did brilliantly! My sis says Izzy had a great first day and has enjoyed herself. Apparently what's happened is that the children who were at the school's inbuilt nursery don't start until Thursday, that allows the teacher (Mrs Lewis) to get to know the names of the new kids with a smaller group. Anyway Izzy's really enjoyed herself and that's what really matters.

Jinx just sneezed violently all over Scott - you wouldn't believe how blue the air just turned in the living room!

Today has been quite productive, 3 lots of washing (although two loads only had one item in each - there was a reason to this!) I've also done the ironing, put all the clothes away, reorganised my scrapping storage, scanned two album's worth of photos and completed a scrapbook page with another half done. Spent the afternoon scanning and talking to Karen who isn't very happy. Her moron of an ex-flatmate has put her on the RedWatch so she's now getting harrassing calls from the BNP. She's decided to rig up a microphone by the phone and record the calls - then she plans to put them to dance music and call it "Hate Crime Funk". I think it's pure genius, who can take the BNP seriously when they're ranting along to a funky beat? This is why I love Karen so much. I need to make a mini scrapbook about her but I have practically no photos of her as she always hides from cameras - I'll recify this next month at my birthday party.

I think I shall sign off tonight with a favourite phrase of Karen and mine:

"Horny toads, tiny ceramic gnomes and espionage!!!!"*

*I think you had to be there...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well Izzy started school today. Obviously I haven't had much info as she's not home yet but by all accounts this morning went smoothly and she looked adorable in her little uniform (my mum said she was cute with a capital C!) The skirt was down past her knees and the cardigan practically swallowed her whole! Hope she's doing ok.

Monday, September 04, 2006

To be honest, I have no idea why I've set this up! I have nothing really interesting to say about anything. I have no ex husbands driving me up the wall and no children to talk about, I don't even work any more so I have few stories to tell. All there is to me is Scott, my two cats and my amazing 4 year old neice (who think's she's a teenager already!) So please don't come here expecting excitement, crazy stories or well thought out political debate cos you just aint gonna find it!

To illustrate my point, here's a summary of the weekend. On Friday I went to Manchester to the Stitch & Creative Craft Show at GMEX with mum. Spent far too much but have justified it by sheer virtue of prettiness. On Saturday we got up late and did the weekly shop at Morrissons, nothing particularly exciting but I got some storage for my stickers so I could devise a new system as the old expanding file system was literally beginning to explode. I also got the new Bill Bryson book in ASDA but I'm not reading it, saving it for the plane. Sunday I did nothing really. Scott did some housework whilst I scanned a few old photos and did a bit of family tree research.

You're still here? Wow, you must really be bored huh? Well that's the kind of fascinating post you're likely to find here (except when my mother has ticked me off and I need to rant into cyberspace which will probably happen with frightening regularity.) Hope you enjoyed it!