Wednesday, September 06, 2006

She did brilliantly! My sis says Izzy had a great first day and has enjoyed herself. Apparently what's happened is that the children who were at the school's inbuilt nursery don't start until Thursday, that allows the teacher (Mrs Lewis) to get to know the names of the new kids with a smaller group. Anyway Izzy's really enjoyed herself and that's what really matters.

Jinx just sneezed violently all over Scott - you wouldn't believe how blue the air just turned in the living room!

Today has been quite productive, 3 lots of washing (although two loads only had one item in each - there was a reason to this!) I've also done the ironing, put all the clothes away, reorganised my scrapping storage, scanned two album's worth of photos and completed a scrapbook page with another half done. Spent the afternoon scanning and talking to Karen who isn't very happy. Her moron of an ex-flatmate has put her on the RedWatch so she's now getting harrassing calls from the BNP. She's decided to rig up a microphone by the phone and record the calls - then she plans to put them to dance music and call it "Hate Crime Funk". I think it's pure genius, who can take the BNP seriously when they're ranting along to a funky beat? This is why I love Karen so much. I need to make a mini scrapbook about her but I have practically no photos of her as she always hides from cameras - I'll recify this next month at my birthday party.

I think I shall sign off tonight with a favourite phrase of Karen and mine:

"Horny toads, tiny ceramic gnomes and espionage!!!!"*

*I think you had to be there...

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