Monday, September 04, 2006

To be honest, I have no idea why I've set this up! I have nothing really interesting to say about anything. I have no ex husbands driving me up the wall and no children to talk about, I don't even work any more so I have few stories to tell. All there is to me is Scott, my two cats and my amazing 4 year old neice (who think's she's a teenager already!) So please don't come here expecting excitement, crazy stories or well thought out political debate cos you just aint gonna find it!

To illustrate my point, here's a summary of the weekend. On Friday I went to Manchester to the Stitch & Creative Craft Show at GMEX with mum. Spent far too much but have justified it by sheer virtue of prettiness. On Saturday we got up late and did the weekly shop at Morrissons, nothing particularly exciting but I got some storage for my stickers so I could devise a new system as the old expanding file system was literally beginning to explode. I also got the new Bill Bryson book in ASDA but I'm not reading it, saving it for the plane. Sunday I did nothing really. Scott did some housework whilst I scanned a few old photos and did a bit of family tree research.

You're still here? Wow, you must really be bored huh? Well that's the kind of fascinating post you're likely to find here (except when my mother has ticked me off and I need to rant into cyberspace which will probably happen with frightening regularity.) Hope you enjoyed it!

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Anonymous said...

Your life is like mine, normal. and i will enjoy reading all about it, esp the rants over mothers comments, towels left on the bathroom floor or the lid from the jam jar not opening.