Thursday, September 07, 2006

Urgh, not having the best day. I've sent two emails to the council and it's only lunchtime. First one was to report an abandoned car that's been parked opposite the house since we woke up on Monday. Thought at first it belonged to the neighbours but today it's had the front passanger window smashed and when I went to check there's no tax disc. Second one was to report that nuisance dog walker who walks her dog on my front garden every day. Emailed the anti-social behaviour unit to see if there's anything they can do if need be. Feel like such a bossy/nosy neighbour but it needs sorting by someone I guess?

Got some coupons for Florida last night, $1 off cappuccino blasts at Baskin Robbins for mum and $5 off a $40+ purchase at Character Warehouse at the LBV Outlets. Also joined the Premium Outlets VIP club so will keep an eye on the guest lounge there for anything useful. Need to check out Florida Mall and Mall at Millennia too.

Gonna go do some scrapping and put Aladdin on now!

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