Friday, November 17, 2006

I am now on MySpace. Here: Only really got it to keep track of the many unsigned and small artists out there that I like but it could potentially be useful for other things. Check out my friends for cool music.

I've added a section on here under my profile for photos I've taken. I'll try and change it often (that'll last about a month!) Hope you like them anyway.

I got a box from TLC in my monthly kit. I've decided I'm going to cover it in festive papers and use it as a winter/christmas recipe box. I'll try and keep you informed of the progress. So far it's all in my head but I've been making a list of recipes I can put onto cards for it:

Mum's Stew (also handily vegetarian!)
Gingerbread Men
My Chicken Pies
Jellybean Cocktails (a Boxing Day specialty at Diane's house)

Need to think of more but they'll do for now. Perhaps Linda will one day reveal to me the secrets of her yorkshire puddings which seem to send the guys in that family nuts.

Going to Lincoln tomorrow to do a mass visit. We're starting with Roger who gers to see our holiday snaps and have us bully him into coming away with us next year! Then we're off to Linda and Graham's to spend the night. In the morning we'll be hanging around there and then we're all driving to Vikki & Simon's to see the nursery and have one last visit before the baby is born. Should be lovely, the nursery is themed to under the sea and I'm planning on taking a few pics.

Speak to you all next week.

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