Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hurray, I am blogging again! I thought I'd start off with a discussion of the Disney Halloween Party. I called up and booked our tickets this week which got me thinking about costumes. I'm loving Star Wars right now so that was my first port of call. Top ideas were Jedi and Princess, I've gone for the latter simply out of practicality, Jedi outfits need heavy materials for realism and heavy materials don't work well in thr Florida heat.

Out of Leia and Padme, for some reason I prefer Padme as a character so again that dictated my choice, not to mention Leia has a rather limited wardrobe! Luckily there's an amazing site out there called The Padawan's Guide ( which goes ino great detail on Padme's wide and varied choice of dress. Of course most of her costumes are way too complicated and heavy to even contemplate making copies of for MNSSHP so I looked at the more simple ones and finally settled for this one.

Merran has offered the services of her mother (and associated sewing machine) in making this so I hope to report back later in the year with an update on the dress.
Now to work out the hair!

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