Friday, June 10, 2011

Toddle Waddle

Yesterday, Finlay and I participated in a local Toddle Waddle to raise money for the Meningitis Trust. Sadly a truly epic storm broke not long after we got to the park so we didn't get to walk that far, but the kids did run across it once and the mummies ran home to avoid getting too soaked - I ended up hiding under the entrance to a parking area one street down with another mum, we'd have drowned running the few hundred feet home.

I've not seen the total raised by the group yet, but Fin has raised about £40 which is really great, they're even going to be in the local magazine. Here's some pictures of him and the group before the rain came down.

If these pictures brought a smile to your face, please consider donating something to your local meningitis charity. Thank you!

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