Monday, November 21, 2011

Such a busy week ahead. Tomorrow my son has an appointment with a health visitor to check out some behavioural issues which I'm hoping are nothing. Tuesday is our weekly music class and then parent's evening at nursery. Wednesday I should be going to the cinema with a few other mum's in my village to see Breaking dawn, first Twilight movie I've ever bothered going to the cinema for, will probably have to re-watch Eclipse to remember what happened!

Thursday is the only "normal" day this week as on Friday we're dropping Fin off at my mum's and heading down to the coast for a weekend just me and the hubby. Fin's been somewhat trying lately and I think we both need a couple days to recharge and reinvest in "us". Plus my mum very rarely gets to spend serious quality time with Fin and is really excited about getting him for three whole nights, have a feeling she'll be very glad to see us Sunday night though, he's exhausting!

On top of all this there's a chance Fin has croup. The joys of parenthood.

Finally, a picture to finish off the post. Yesterday we did a walk around our village to raise money for Children in Need. Afterwards we enjoyed a cake at the village hall:

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