Thursday, January 05, 2012

Bye bye Christmas

Today I started putting Christmas back into its box. I've felt slightly odd about Christmas this time around, as though somehow it wasn't real. I think it's probably because I spent it with different people, and in a different place than I spent it the last several years. Still, I felt oddly sad putting everything away today. The main tree is still up in the living room in an attempt to ease the transition from decorated to bare for Finlay - and because I won't take down all my decorations before January the sixth. That comes down tomorrow instead.

There's still a lot of jobs to do. The toy chest needs to be moved back to its usual position (it gets moved at Christmas so we can fit the tree in), the floors need an attack with the vacuum too, but I'm not bothering with that until I've got both trees out of the house. I need to bring down the porcelain that went upstairs for the holidays because Fin might have been able to reach it with the toy chest in a different place, that will clear up my drawers in the bedroom for the Harry Potter display I want to create there. That's partly because the office is now so full of collectable that I'm running out of space. Damn you Doctor Who and your large number of cute, cheap merchandise options.

Today our new kitchen calendar arrived, it's already up on the wall with all the birthdays and other dates written in. I will get organised this year if it fucking kills me. The office is starting to clear, I'll be happier when the bedding we borrowed from my in laws goes back to them as it's taking up my floor space. I need to figure out what to do with the three magazine files full of scrapbooking magazines that no longer fit on my bookshelves, they're getting in the way.

I've set a goal to lose 2lbs in the next two weeks. I wish I could think it will be easy but I doubt it will be. Hopefully Zumba will help, if it doesn't kill me first.

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