Saturday, March 03, 2012

Storage Idea

I wanted to share one of my storage ideas with you all. Most women have a tons of this sort of stuff lying around their bathrooms:

Necessary it may be, but pretty it sure as hell is not. Who wants loads of brightly coloured garish cardboard boxes sitting around saying "look at me, I'm a tampon box!" to your guests? I went down to TK Maxx and found this gorgeous clasp lid box:

The tiles in my bathroom are black so I picked a design that tied in with the rest of my decor. Now my girly products are stored neatly out of sight in a beautiful box that coordinates with my room. If a female visitor needs to borrow anything she can find it all easily, but for everyone else, there are no garish boxes staring at them.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute idea! I have a little empty box just like this that I didn't even think about using!