Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cosplay Shopping Trip

Today was a good day for cosplay shopping.

I’m cosplaying as Agent Dana Scully this weekend with my best friend backing me up as Agent Monica Reyes, so this morning after confirmation from an eBay seller that they could dispatch immediately, I ordered our FBI ID cards – no Monica ones available so we have Mulder & Scully, hopefully a bit of quick modification will allow Monica to pass as Mulder without anyone noticing! I decided to hit town for a few hours to pick up the last few bits needed for MCM Expo this coming weekend. Fake police style gun (complete with handcuffs) from the pound store, can of matt black spray paint because right now the gun is bright blue, and a basic black jacket from Primark – I already had the trousers, white shirt and Apple Green Sweater of Lurve.

Whilst I was in Primark however I happened upon a rather amazing pair of reddish brown trousers, complete with brown braces. Never were such a fine and shiny pair of Captain Reynold pants seen in a high street store! A quick try on confirmed they were indeed most shiny and comfortable too so my Browncoat costume took another step toward completion. As this one isn’t actually being planned out for anything specific (I doubt I’ll be able to attend the Big Damn Shindig next month) I’m only buying clothes that I can wear day-to-day and which do double duty as Browncoat wear.

My upcoming cosplay schedule is as follows:

MCM Expo (July 30th) – Agent Dana Scully
Whovian Gathering (Aug 6th) – Amy Pond
Harry Potter Flashmob shhhh (Sept 1st) – Ravenclaw Studennt
Asylum Steampunk Festival (Sept 9 – 11th) – Generic Steampunk
My son’s Pirate Birthday Party (Sept 18th) – Pirate (D’uh!)

Pictures will follow but for now, here’s me in my Ravenclaw gear, just home from the cinema last week:


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