Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Day at The Seaside

The other week we took Finlay to the coast for the first time. We went to Skegness and split our day between the beach and the fair.

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Fin seemed to enjoy most of the rides. He and I both got wristbands so we could ride multiple times if he enjoyed something. At first he was wary of the swings and cried when I took him over to it so we left without riding but after the beach he came on it happily.

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Fin totally loved the beach, I think he would have been happy there all day. I admit I look forward to him being a little older and more independent, then I can bring a book to read while he plays around. For now he enjoyed building sandcastles with our help and checking out the tidal pool that had formed nearby. He was a bit wary of the sea itself but paddled in it with me for a few minutes.

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After the beach it was back to the fair for rides on the teacups, carousel and rollercoaster, all of which he rode without fuss. I went on some spinning ride on which I thought I might actually die, it flipped you around and around so your entire body weight kept hitting the shoulder restraint which jerked every time you hit, utterly terrifying. I also thought I was having a brain haemorrhage on the waltzers, they were going around so fast I couldn’t keep my neck up and then one ear felt really hot inside so it felt like it was bleeding – very disconcerting.  I think I need another trip to Disney to satisfy my thrill ride needs without the cheap fairground terror aspect of these seaside places.

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